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About ISIA

The Irish Security Industry Association has been representing the needs of the private security industry for over 40 years, since our foundation in 1972. We are the only trade association representing the full spectrum of companies in the private security industry.

Our Members

Our members range from small to medium Irish indigenous companies to large multinationals providing security services in the following areas:


30th November 2021

The ISIA Awards 2021 was celebrated on the 26th November and celebrated outstanding people, companies, teams and innovation in the private security industry in Ireland. The event also allowed the ISIA to recognise the outstanding work carried out every day across this island by presenting the Courage Award to Family Carers Ireland who support carers, the forgotten frontline. The ISIA finally reocgnised the members of the INMO who have undeniably been keeping so many of us safe and secure as we have journeyed through the COVID-19 pandemic.

21st July 2021

The Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) has stated its support for the Employment Regulation Order 9ERO) following the news that three companies have brought a high court challenge against the ERO.

29th April 2021

Damien English TD, Minister for Business, Employment and Retail, has approved an Employment Regulation Order for the Security Industry, which provides for a pay increase for the sector from 1 September, 2021.
The Order which will become effective from 1 September 2021 revokes the one that was in place for the sector since 1 June 2017 and provides for a new pay rate of €12.05 per hour which applies from 1 September 2021 with further increases to €12.50 per hour from 1 June 2022 and €12.90 per hour from 1 June 2023.