PSA Announce Licensing of Monitoring Centre Staff

4th April 2018

The Private Security Authority (PSA) recently announced the following details regarding the licensing of individulas working in monitoring stations.  

The Minister for Justice and Equality has recently signed the Regulations
providing for the licensing of individuals working in both intruder alarm
and CCTV monitoring centres. The critical date for the introduction of
licensing will be the 1st June 2018. The PSA will start accepting
applications from the 1st May 2018.

Individuals working in both sectors will be licensed on the following

   1.   There will be a single licence which will cover both intruder alarm
      and CCTV monitoring.

   2.   The cost of a licence for a monitoring centre employee will be €90.
      The licence will be for a period of 3 years.

   3.   The start date/critical date for the commencement of the licensing
      of employees in the sector will be the 1st June 2018*.

   4.   Employees in the sector who on the 1st  June 2018  have more than 6
      months employment in a monitoring centre will not be required to
      undertake the prescribed training.  These employees must lodge an
      application for a licence with the Authority in advance of the 1st
      June 2018*.  Employers will be required to provide verification of
      employment for all such employees before the 1st June 2018.

   5.   All existing employees with less than 6 months employment in a
      monitoring centre shall complete the required training within 6
      months of the 1st June 2018.  Employers shall notify the Authority
      when training has been successfully completed.

   6.   A person commencing employment with a monitoring centre on or after
      the 1st  June 2018 shall apply to the Authority for a licence before
      the commencement of the employment concerned.

   7.   Persons at 6. above shall complete the required training within 6
      months of commencing employment.  Employers shall notify the
      Authority when training has been successfully completed.

   8.   The training of the employees will be conducted in house initially.
      Training will be conducted online at a future date.

  The following activities will be licensable:

   a)   Any person who monitors security equipment to which information
      concerning the status of one or more CCTV systems is reported,
   b)   Any person who monitors security equipment to which information
      concerning the status of one or more intruder alarm systems is
      c)   Any person who supervises staff involved in a) or b) above.

Training manuals will be issued by the PSA in the coming weeks.

*Employees who hold a valid Security Guard (Static) Licence on the 31st May
2018 and who are employed in a monitoring centre on that date, can wait
until the renewal of their licence and apply for their monitoring licence
at that time. Employers will be required to verify that employees hold a
Security Guard (Static) Licence

If you have any enquiries please contact