People & Technology - Our New Leadership Mix

19th May 2017

The Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) recently held its Annual General Meeting and election of officers.  The event marked the end of a two-year term by Alan Durnan, MD of G4S Secure Solutions, who was celebrated for his efforts during his Presidency by all members in attendance.  Michael McQuillan, MD of Pulse Security Management, was elected as President and Sean Leavy of G4S Monitoring Ireland was elected to the role of Vice President.  The new President and Vice President bring a combined background of more than thirty-five years’ experience in the security industry and management. 

President - Michael McQuillan

Michael McQuillan is the founder and Managing Director of Pulse Security Management. McQuillan’s operational and managerial experience in the private security industry started in 1991.  Since then he has managed the security operations of numerous high profile projects and events across Ireland and Europe where he has collaborated with both the private sector and state agencies.  In addition to his commercial experience as a company founder and Managing Director, he has served on the ISIA’s Council of Management for the past five years as Chairman of the Event & Entertainment Security Division and as Vice President. He has also championed training and standards reviews through his participation and contributions as part of consultative groups run by the Private Security Authority (PSA), the regulator for the private security industry. 

Vice President - Sean Leavy 

Sean Leavy bring a diverse range of management experience that spans IT, healthcare and monitoring of alarms and CCTV.  With nearly a decade of experience in monitoring centres, Leavy was an excellent addition to the leadership team of the ISIA’s monitoring division when elected as Vice Chairman in 2014.  Sean also serves as the Chairman of the National Monitoring Centre Forum (NMCF), is a member of the ETCI/TC 13 standards committee and is part of the PSA Working Group on the licensing of monitoring centre employees. 

Leading the Strategic Direction of the ISIA

Both Leavy and McQuillan have the privilege to look forward to working with a diverse mix of industry representatives.  The leadership of the ISIA is currently fortunate to have a range of members. This allows the ISIA to benefit from those who have served for a decade or more and offer a wealth of experience. to newer additions to the leadership who bring fresh ideas and energy to the strategic direction that the ISIA is taking. 

As pointed out by the ISIA’s newly elected President, ‘my term will be focused on strengthening relationships and maximising engagement with our current membership base.  The more involved ISIA members are in our activities, the more they benefit as individual companies and the more the association benefits collectively.  I also plan to widen the scope of our representation.  We want all companies who are interested in best practice, standards and working together with the wider industry to be represented by the ISIA and to feel that they can make this association their home.   This will allow us to create an even stronger voice for the security industry’. 

People & Technology

‘As the leadership of the ISIA is coming to the last stages of finalising their strategy for the next three years, it is an exciting time for both gentleman to lead the association.  A mix of people and technology is what security looks like in 2017 and the newly elected President and Vice President represent this necessary combination of a successful security solution. I am confident they will also be a successful leadership combination for the ISIA’, stated Sarah O’Donnell, Communications Director, ISIA

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