New Standard for CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

15th April 2014

The new standard for the licensing of CCTV Monitoring Centres and Alarm Monitoring Centres entitled "PSA Licensing Requirements - CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Monitoring Centres (PSA 33:2014)" has now been published.  

The publication of this new document raises the requirements for alarm monitoring stations which have been licesned since 2006 and places higher standards on contractors providing CCTV monitoring.  The deadline for achieving licesning is the 1st November 2014.  

President of the Irish Security Indsutry Association (ISIA) stated that she is 'delighted to see a further sector of the private security industry falling under the requirements of licensing as set out by the Private Security Services Act.  This really does complete licensing of the electronic security industry and provides end users of electronic security services with confidence in contractors.  It is good for the industry as a whole and critical to ensuring the consumer is protected'.  

A copy of the new standard is available below.