ISIA Membership Benefits

Benefits of ISIA Membership


The ISIA offers its members with numerous benefits and an opportunity to play an influential part in the future of their industry.  Benefits of ISIA membership include: 
  • Providing a voice for your business 
  • Representation and lobbying 
  • An opportunity for you to lead the changes in your industry
  • Access to information 
  • Competitive advantage
  • Qualsec 
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Participation in the ISIA Awards
  • Listing on the ISIA website 
  • Promotion of your brand
  • Access to Business Affiliates & Trusted Suppliers Network
  • Association with a trusted brand with almost 50 years of history 

Benefits for Clients of ISIA Members


  • Assurance that your supplier and you are fully compliant
  • Assurance that your supplier complies with the ISIA codes of conduct 
  • Assurance that your supplier has agreed to the ISIA bye-laws
  • Provides a mechanism for complaint should you experience difficulty
  • Peace of mind regarding change of contracts between ISIA members (TUPE Code) 
  • A guarantee that your supplier has access to the most up to date and accurate information
  • A guarantee that your supplier is customer focused (Qualsec) 
  • A guarantee that your supplier has attempted to manage business risks (Qualsec) 
  • A guarantee that your supplier is people focused (Qualsec) 


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