Event Security Standard on Horizon

20th June 2014

An standard for Event Security in Ireland is expected to be in place by the end of this year.  The Private Security Authority (PSA) have been working closely with represnetatives of the event security industry over the past year to ensure former Minister Shatter's promise to implement licensing is kept.  Licensing will arrive slightly later than initially expected, but is welcome by the industry.  

The standard for Event Security liscensing, which will intiailly apply to contractors only, will ensure consistency in the standards of companies operating in this sector.  The standard has been designed to ensure the protection of the public attending events in Ireland and to ensure that risks are managed to their security, safety and general well being.  

Members of the Irish Security Industry Association's (ISIA) Event Security division have been lobbying for the implementation of licensing for many years.  Chairman of the ISIA's Event Security Division, Michael McQuillan, stated 'the introduction of contractor licensing is a great result for the industry.  For too long there have been variations in the standards of event security companies and this will set a base line standard'. McQuillan added, 'This is only the first step.  The licensing of event security staff will see the completion of licensing, but we have an excellent starting point with licensing of security guards and DSP already in place'.

The PSA's public consultation period has closed and the ISIA expect a date for licening of event security contractors to be announced in the coming weeks.