Alarm Control 24

At Alarm Control 24 we provide the complete range of alarm monitoring services to homes and business nationwide. We are 100% Irish owned and we operate from Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18. Our key difference is our Long Range Radio Network, over which we provide the most secure form of alarm monitoring in the marketplace.
Our services

  • Intruder Alarm Monitoring
  • Long Range Radio Monitoring
  • Open and Close Monitoring
  • CCTV Monitoring (Verification)
  • Camera Patrols
  • Personal Attack Assistance
  • Medical Alarm Assistance
  • Remote Gate / Barrier Operations
  • Remote Set / Unset of all types of Systems
  • Monitoring of Water Leakage Detection Systems
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Keyholding

Advantages of the Alarm Control 24 Long Range Radio Monitoring Service

  • The ATR100 cannot be blocked by GSM/GPRS jammers
  • The ATR100 cannot be rendered redundant by malicious telephone line cutting
  • The ATR100 send alarm signals in full compliance with the Garda Policy on Monitored Alarms
  • The ATR100 can monitor fire and water alarms and provide open and close reports
  • The ATR100 complies with all European Standard insurance grades (1-4) under EN50131 and EN50136
  • We provide the only radio monitoring solution with EN50136 certification
  • Monitoring takes place via our dedicated radio network and not via a congested cellular network